Ergonomic Calculator

Having trouble figuring out what specifications you need for your new ergonomic workstation? Our ergonomic desk height calculator is here to help! Just email us, and our specialist will provide reliable measurement estimates to help you decide exactly what you need.

Notes about the tool:
  • Factor in shoe height (typically 1”) or any relevant clothing into dimensions
  • Using bifocal lenses may require lower monitor heights
  • Comfort is your best judge. Reposition your equipment to make you feel the most comfortable.
  • Email or print the results for future reference

*This calculator is not intended as a substitute for professional on-site ergonomic assessment.

Why upgrade to an ergonomic workspace?

The goal of ergonomics – also known as human factors – is to increase safety, comfort, and productivity by maximizing the fit between people and technology. Ergonomic equipment, such as height-adjustable standing desks and monitor arms, allow you to perfectly adjust your workspace to fit to your comfort zone, while also providing healthy movement with posture switches and light exercise throughout the day, which reduces risk of injury and boosts overall health and productivity.

Components of a fully ergonomic workstation:

Sit-stand desks give you the freedom to adjust the height of your worksurface, introducing healthy movement and activity into your otherwise sedentary work routine. Already have a desk you love? Standing desk risers transform your existing desk into the ultimate sit stand workstation! Simply place the desk riser on your current desktop, and you are ready to sit-stand! Shop for desks and risers to experience an active workstation that increases energy!

2. Ergonomic chairs conform to your body offer comfortable, healthy support. A great ergonomic chair will offer customization, such as adjustable height, lumbar support, and seat depth to allow you to fit your chair perfectly to your own unique needs. Check out our ergonomic chairs for supportive seating boosts your health, comfort, and efficiency! 

3. Both sitting or standing for long periods of time are detrimental to your health, which is why we’ve pioneered sit-stand-move! Our desk bikes are the perfect way to easily inject more healthy movement and activity into your busy schedule. Stretch those legs and get your blood pumping, even during otherwise sedentary activities, like answering emails or watching TV!

4. Monitor arms are adjustable arms that allow you to easily change both your monitor height and its distance to your eyes. This makes it easy to position the monitor at the ideal location of fingertip of your outstretched arm – monitors that are too low or far away can cause users to hunch forward, while monitors that are too high or too close may increase eye strain and fatigue. Shop for monitor arms for a better way to keep your eyes healthy and your neck supported!